ANNO 2018/2019
This is the eighth edition of our yearly digital newspaper. This year ANNO will be released every new year to inform you about what happened in the past year in our studio and at our exhibitions.

This year we participated in two SET#NET exhibitions.
meer info:

Some pictures of the show in Loods 6

Monika Dahlberg
collected some African statues, kindly donated by Klaas de jonge for her work at the PaltzBiënnale.


The third edition of the MARI/JA was printed.
The MARI/JA now has a ISBN number 2590-3136 and will be stored at the Koninklijke Bibliotheek in The Hague. Preview and for sale directly from Blurb. 


Artists in the world
Andre smit added us to his website artists in the world.


We are going to work & expose together for two weeks in Kattendijke in the beginning of March at the place of André Smit and Monika Dahlberg.

Wim Vonk is participating in the project of Jan Theun van Rees: ‘GEGEVEN RUIMTE’.

There may be Schwarzmalen 4, a regional project.

Todays Face
Wim’s project to draw a portrait and to post it on Facebook every day 365 days, is finished. A book will be for sale soon. The testbook just arrived from the printer. For those who have ordered the book, thank you, and Wim will contact you when it is finished. 
ISBN: 978-90-829780-0-1


image: Wim Vonk

Astrid Moors en Marja van Putten organised Schwarzmalen 3 with: Marieke Hunze, Rob Visje, Saskia Tannemaat, Baukje Spaltro, José Krijnen en Harke Kazemier. The crowd funding on Voor de Kunst was a succes, we reached 126%. Thanks for supporting us!
You can see photos at

Ostrale Biennale 
Wim Vonk took part in the binenale in Dresden together with Stef Fridael. They worked together in a container which was exposed in Dresden and will then travel to Malta and Eindhoven.
In 2019 a catalogue will be edited. We will inform you about it.

Marja made her first videoperformance. The video Unicorns is a personal interpretation of being on the run and is especially made for the SET#NET exhibitions with the theme TRANSIT.

Concept & performance: Marja van Putten
Video & editing: Lyk Burggraaff

Graham Boyd 90
We went to the exhibition of our friend and colleague Graham Boyd who also had his 90th birthday and an exhibition of his latest paitings.

Our art collection
During the years we collected quite a lot of art from colleagues and occasionally bought art.
This year some nice pieces were added to our collection. 
f.l.t.r.: Saskia Tannemaat, Berend Vonk, Joseph Schweickhardt

Bram came at the studio in Oude Niedorp to play. Wim and he built again a piece of art. 

Wim’s grandchild came to stay over and play in the studio.

Our friend and collegue Vera de Groot still works with us every wednesday and wil keep on working in the new studio in Oude Niedorp.

A peaceful New Year for all of you in 2019!

image: Wim Vonk

ARTTRUST webdesign builds and designs outstanding websites mostly in Wordpress.
Often for artists or other creative projects. | 0640662525
This year’s featured websites:
website van Wijnand Zijlmans beeldend kunstenaar
beeldend kunstenaar
Een wordpress website voor All protectsun, raambekleding en zonwering in Amsterdam
beeldend kunstenaar
lees meer en bekijk het portfolio voor de nieuwste sites

wordpress les per minuut met skype

image: Wim Vonk
image: Wim Vonk

Stichting Digitaal KunstBeheer
The first groupe of artists added their work to the collection on the DKB website. We want to extend the possibilities in 2019 and build a large database with artists oeuvres. Artists will be able to add their own page. We will also work together with the RKD in the Hague and work with other organizations to extend our network.

Read more about us on our website:


foto: Paul van Riel

    Working with and for Armando for more than 20 years has become part of our lives. It is very special to have experienced his company and to know him as a very friendly man. What laughs we had on our way to our studio where another sculpture in progress was waiting for him. He then gave it the Armando touch, making the sculpture alive.
    After the very first meeting I said in surprise ‘as if I was in Herenleed for a while, he really talks this way…’ In 1997, when I did the preliminary work for the first sculpture, a Kopf, with not much texture yet. This has changed over the years. Many sculptures(>75) followed. We have a ‘thick Armando book’ full of many anecdotes and Armando expressions, which, like many who knew him, also became part of our own language. 
    After Armando’s recovery, Wim and I became the permanent team to assist him with his bronze sculptures. Jokes, proverbs and recurring rituals made working with him very intense. It was a privilege to work with him.
    We can safely say that Armando helped us in the wedding boat after BOT (2006). In the large workspace where we have realized BOT, Wim and I created our joint studio. A joint studio, which we also made available to fellow artists of different disciplines. The collection of African art by Klaas de Jonge became also part of it. In the large space we could both develop our work unlimitedly.  
    At the same time, we continued to do the preliminary work for the Armando sculptures. In fact, after BOT had been made, both Wim’s installations and Marja’s paintings have taken off. Many people ask whether we have not learned much from him, we certainly have, especially his autonomous attitude as an artist. Also the recognition of his relativization and necessity at the same time in regard to the making of art. 
    Unfortunately Armando turned out to be no exception. He used to say: they say …  You die, but I’m not sure…
    Dear Armando, thanks for everything!

After 12 years Klaas de Jonge moved his collection of African art to Redu (BE). It was a great inspiration to have them in our studio. The work influenced us both and they became a real part of Wim’s installations. The pieces he is using in his newest installation stay as long as needed.

Wim Vonk, Marja van Putten and Rob Visje have been teaching in Greece Zakynthos at Sommer academy in June.
This year we are not going to SOAK, after 5 years we decided to have a break.

ANNO is an annual digital newsletter of 2MW!, the studio of Marja van Putten & Wim Vonk.
It will appear every beginning of the year, this year for the eighth time.

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