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ANNO 2019/2020

This is the 9th edition of our yearly digital newspaper. ANNO will be released once every year to inform you about what happened in the past year in our studio and with our art.  Lots of photos to see..

We wish our friends, relatives and colleagues a great 2020.


Ostrale Biennale 

Wim Vonk took part in the Biennale in Dresden together with Stef Fridael.
The container they made during an A.I.R. at the Ostrale in 2018 is exhibited in Dresden and selected to take part of an exhibition in Reijka Croatia, cultural capital 2020 of Europe.


Book presentation
Todays Face in Vienna

SOAK website
The book is still available
35 euro

image: Wim Vonk

A Given Space

The project A Given Space of Jan Theun van Rees is an interdisciplinary collaboration, which visualizes the spatial concepts of artists in a remarkable way. The project consists of fourteen extreme large photo-panels, installed freestanding in the exhibition space.

1. Amsterdam

2. Den Helder



March 2019

Marja van Putten
Wim Vonk

Marja van Putten and Wim Vonk have been working in one studio for years. There are explicit differences and unspoken comparisons in their work.

At the invitation of Monika Dahlberg and André Smits, they will work for two weeks in Kattendijke. During this period their studio is both inside and outside. They try to push the similarities and differences to the forefront.


Kunsthal 45, 
Den Helder

27 okt t/m 15 dec 2019
curator: Jacqueline Kooter
with Kunsthal 45 

Noord Hollands Dagblad 24-10-2019 pdf 
Noord Hollands Dagblad 28-10-2019 pdf 
Helderse Courant 07-11-2019 pdf

Some pictures of the show in Loods 6

Five exhibitions
in a row

Vrouwen in de kunst III, Koel310, Alkmaar

17 November t/m 18 December
Curator: Karin van Bodegom
more info


100% female 
interneational art exhibition

October 24th -27th  2019
Grand or St. Laurens Church Alkmaar
more info

solo expositie

5 Sept – 13 Oct
opening Zondag 15 september door
Trudi van Zadelhoff, kunsthistoricus.
muzikale performance met plaatjes,
door Monica Dahlberg.

Zaterdag 5 oktober 

over vrouwen in de beeldende kunst, door Carla Hendriks, kunsthistoricus en docent.
meer info | openingswoord Trudi van Zadelhoff

DROM Enkhuizen

13 Aug – 10 Dec

more info & artikel Noord-Hollands Dagblad

Arti &
Nasty women Portugal

  1. Nasty Women Portugal
  2. Performance tijdens de opening van de nieuwe exporuimte in de voormalige rookruimte van Arti, Het Roken van een schilderijtje
  3. Zomer expo in de sociëteit van Arti et Amicitiae

Go Artist

Marja van Putten is an intermediar between a group of Dutch artists and Go Artists in China, a Chinese Art dealer who organizes exhibitions, mostly in Shanghai.

Participants: Wim Vonk, Annechien Verheij, Astrid Moors, Rudolf Valster, Marianne Wagenmaker, José Krijnen, Baukje Duin, Marieke Hunze.

encounters & interventions


Arti leden salon 2019

6 dec 2019 t/m 5 jan 2020

Patterns of work

Patters of Work is a poster project that will be shown in several exhibitions. Posters must have a title: PATTERNS OF WORK, name of artist and country

Studio Oude Niedorp

More studio news, visits and other facts and some pictures of this year. We  unfortunately did not always make photos of al visitors but some we remember: Annechien Verhey, Joann Bos and Nico, Stef & Inge Fridael, Marjan Bevelander en Harald Krijger, Jan Theun van Rees & Jacqueline Kooter .

A peaceful New Year for all of you in 2020!

image: Wim Vonk
image: Wim Vonk

ARTTRUST webdesign

A happy 2020 for all ARTTRUST customers!

ARTTRUST webdesign builds and designs outstanding websites mostly in Wordpress.
Often for artists or other creative projects. | 0640662525
This year’s featured websites:
a selection, there were quite a lot new customers this year
website van Annemarie van Hooff beeldend kunstenaar
website van All Fiction van Eric Oosthoek
misdaadromans van binnenuit
website over kunst en exposities van Veteranenkunst
Een nieuwe vouwgordijnen website voor mijn trouwe klant Hans Rietel van Protectsun

lees meer en bekijk het portfolio voor de nieuwste sites

wordpress les per minuut met skype


Stichting Digitaal KunstBeheer

DKB is a non-profit organization initiated by artists. DKB wants to digitally preserve the oeuvres of contemporary Dutch artists for the future and keep them visible for the public. Read more about us on our website:


Lieve Prins
14 April 1948 – 25 April 2019

Klaas Hoek
18 Oct 1950 – 5 Sept 2019


Wim’s grandchildren came to the studio.


This year we went on a trip to Sweden to visit some friends and family and enjoy nature & art exhibitions.

Vera de Groot

Our friend and collegue Vera de Groot still works with us every wednesday in the studio in Oude Niedorp.


371 pages.
text: Dr. Christine Litz, Direktorin Museum für Neue Kunst Freiburg.

Wir haben ein Buch von 2 Schweizer Künstlern erhalten:
Ruth Pfalzberger
Romy Weber
Marja hat die Romy 2001 kennen gelernt im Artoll Labor in Bedburg Hau in Deutchland (ein A.I.R.) 

Ruth Pfalzberger
Romy Weber
Marja got to know Romy in 2001 in the Artoll Labor in Bedburg Hau in Germany (an A.I.R.)

New editions

Two books made by Bert Dekker.
1. Er zijn geen wegen naar de wereld
2. Hé juf hé meester


Some things we already have planned, mostly  as always a lot will happen unexpectedly.. we keep you posted! 

These dates you can already put in your agenda…

Todays Face in De Balie
Wim Vonk will show drawings in De Balie, March 2020

The Jurer does not weed
Wim Vonk & Marja van Putten are both participating in a project in Artishock in Rijswijk.
curator: Sonja van den Burg


ANNO is an annual digital newsletter of 2MW!, the studio of Marja van Putten & Wim Vonk.
It will appear every beginning of the year, this year for the eighth time.

studio website:
webdesign & newsletter: ARTTRUST
previous editions: 2018/19, 2017/18, 2016/17, 2015/16, 2014/15, 2013/14, 2012/13, 2011/12


Zuiderweg 8, 1734JK Oude Niedorp
0640662525 – Marja van Putten
0640912947 – Wim Vonk

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