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ANNO 2020/2021

This is the 10th edition of our yearly digital newspaper.
It seems a contradiction to start our newsletter of this year with such a positive move: our own anniversary.  Through the years it became an archive of our activities.
We started this year making plans for an exhibition in China invited by GoArtists at 荻原美术馆  DiYuan art gallery, very exciting!  Sadly enough Covid-19 stopped that plan. For many of us 2020 was a year full of sorrow and frustration, though it made room for contemplation and focus on our art with less interference, especially during the first lockdown. Although a lot of things were canceled, we participated in a couple of groupshows and some other projects.

We wish our friends, relatives and colleagues a great 2021.


For 6 months we lived with 5-8 barn swallows who thought their nests would be best positioned in our studio. From time to time we felt like living in the movie ‘Birds’, though they were fascinating and very sweet to look at. They were flying allover the place in narrow corners and under and through Wim’s installation. Their speed is unbelievable and often less then 70 cm from our heads… Their shit is falling everywhere, so how pretty they are, next year we will ‘ask’ them very friendly to go elsewhere.

Todays Face in De Balie

From 7th of March

This was the last exhibition without Covid-19 effects. It was a nice opening. We were for the first time not allowed to shake hands, we did embrace each other though… A few days later DeBalie was closed. The works were hanging there the whole lockdown period, but without public.

A Todays Face webshop (coming soon…)

Wim is still posting at least one Face on Facebook everyday … There are so many of them now in all varieties that we decided to make a webshop. They are now for sale in three categories: Originals, Prints & Collectors items.
Some are quite cheap, others more expensive.
fully active: in the beginning of January

Todays Face book: sold out

The book of Todays face is sold out. Maybe in the future there will be a new book…..

Ontluikende blikken die over stilte niet zwijgen

Groepsexpositie in de Notre Dame des Arts in Ubbergen
Ada Dispa, Marcel Herms, Mario Reijnen & Wim Vonk
Beeldende kunst, Tekeningen, Schilderkunst, Installaties, Muziek
8 t/m 30 augustus 2020



This project creates possibilities that do not exist. Now that all cultural institutions are closed or only open to a limited extent and traveling is hardly possible, we will spread our works into the whole wide world!
The exhibition can still be seen online. | more info

curated: Annechien Verhey, Mirjam Berloth, marja van Putten

Artwork in coöperation with 7 barn swallows

news from OSTRALE

The container made by Wim and Stef Fridael is chosen to be shown in Croatia, the European Capital of 2020. Due to the current corona pandemic and the resulting cancellation of the exhibition in Rijeka 2020, there will be a digital exhibition on the planned “WATERGATE” exhibition from 15 August to 15 October.

Curators: Syowia Kyambi, Antka Hofmann, Toni Sant, Andrea Hilger
pdf with the exhibition plan

Visitors in Oude Niedorp

Unfortunately we did not always make photos of all visitors but some we remember: Kris van der Hart & Stef Fridael, Marjan Bevelander & Harald Krijger, Lena Tenaglia & Rene Meister, Ronald van der Meijs & Mariko Hori, Klaas de Jonge & Alejandra Slutzky, Ron Wever & Henny, Suus Zweekhorst & Gerry, Sonja van der Burg, Hans, Corine, Bram, Mario Reijnen, Barbara Damen, Kunsthal 45

A Doodle a Day

Everyday a doodle on the FB page of Arti et Amicitiae

20 juni t/m 15 juli

Some other things:
Briljantjes C 6 -april 2002, Salto TV, Gonny van Oudenallen
Sculpture for Nanjing

Punch! Virtual exhibitions

Due to corona virus the program of Punch! is postponed.
Artists could show their artworks digitally in the Punch! exhibition space. See the virtual exhibitions @Instagram
We both had a picture at Instagram

FB Photo competition

There was a pfoto competition on the FB page of Arti et Amicitiae… to place one photo and 3 were selected… it is just for fun but I won the competition with this photo. Second is Harald Schole, third Rob Schrama.

Lockdown in the studio in Oude Niedorp

We stayed the first lockdown period in Oude Niedorp. Strangely enough we experienced this as a blessing, because we could fully concentrate on our work, which developed increasingly. 

‘Corona art’

In the beginning of the pandemie we were impressed with what was happening in the world and our work was reflecting that. Wim made his ‘Isolation’ and Marja made for 9 weeks every week a painting or other work.


GOES – Er moet toch iets leuks te verzinnen zijn nu komende zomer zo’n beetje alle evenementen zijn afgelast?
Die gedachte speelde door het hoofd van Iris van ‘t Bosch uit Goes. Toen viel haar oog ineens op alle (lege) vlaggenmasten in haar wijk. ‘Die vormen de perfecte tentoonstellingsruimte!’’
more info


Nieuw Dakota, Amsterdam




17 jul 2020 t/m 16 aug 2020
Een initiatief van Sonja van der Burg.

Schilderijen, tekeningen, objecten en installaties van 15 kunstenaars

The Juror Does Not Weed is een samenwerkingsproject, waarbij het plan was dat vijftien kunstenaars de uitdaging zouden aangaan om samen één galerie grote installatie te maken gebaseerd op het schilderij ‘Le Déjeuner sur l’Herbe’ van Manet en het boek ‘Het Huis van El Pintor’, de schrijversnaam van het echtpaar Jacob Kloot en Anna Galinka Ehrenfest. 

Dit plan ging niet door vanwege Corona, in de plaats daarvan hebben we toch een expositie ingericht met werken die naar aanleiding van het thema zijn gemaakt. De tekeningen zijn gemaakt door Suus Zweekhorst.

about A woman

about A woman is een onderzoeksreeks waarin vrouwelijke kunstenaars in dialoog gaan over hun positie in de kunstwereld.

Rond Internationale Vrouwendag 2020 organiseerde about A woman een expositie bij Art Space Rotterdam met het werk van acht vrouwelijke kunstenaars. Bij één van de Rondetafelgesprekken was ik de gastspreker samen met Trudi van Zadelhoff (Gastcurator Stedelijk Museum Schiedam).

photo: Astrid Moors

Arti 2.020

1 sept t/m  28 okt

The landscape painting is sold.

Arti leden salon 2020

Because of the lockdown – 19 jan 2019 t/m 29 jan 2020

uit Estafette (uit Articula 18_2020)
Een Salon heeft geen thema, maar toont in hoeveel parallelle kunstwerelden de kleine gemeenschap van Arti uiteenvalt: (……) en een reusachtig, maar tegelijk indrukwekkend ‘schilderij met wol’ door Marja van Putten waarin Bruegel en Afrika elkaar ontmoeten.

Indien de sluiting van instellingen dan opgeheven wordt, zal de Salon van 20 tot en met 29 januari 2021 de deuren weer openen. Belangstellenden kunnen binnenkort toch een kijkje nemen op de Salon via een beeldverslag dat gepubliceerd wordt op Facebook en

This painting is called Jerusalema Wedding.
It is inspired by the song and dance that went viral this year after the lockdown.
Originally a beat by a South African DJ, the dance is performed at weddings in South Africa.
A man from Angola created the choreography with plates of food.
The DJ’s sister did the vocals.
The dance is imitated all over the world by the most diverse groups. Nuns (many nuns …) policemen, children’s classes, the Cape Town Philharmonic etc.
And also at different locations like: a beach, an airport, a hospital, a school, …
the original movie is this:

Patterns of work

Patters of Work is a poster project that will be shown in several exhibitions. Posters must have a title: PATTERNS OF WORK, name of artist and country.
We send them last year but they are all online now.

The Meeting

The Meeting (een collectieve muurtekening) in het kader van het gezamenlijke project ‘Open Call’.
project van Henk Fakkeldij

A healthy New Year for all of you in 2021!

image: Wim Vonk
image: Wim Vonk

ARTTRUST webdesign

A happy 2021 for all ARTTRUST customers!

ARTTRUST webdesign builds and designs outstanding websites mostly in Wordpress.
Often for artists or other creative projects. | 0640662525
This year’s featured websites:
Even this year there were some new customers and websites this year
website van Sonja van der Burg beeldend kunstenaar
website van CureConcern van Inge Morssinkhof
Cureconcern optimaliseert persoongerichte zorg
Een nieuwe jaloezie website voor mijn trouwe klant Hans Rietel van Protectsun

lees meer en bekijk het portfolio voor de nieuwste sites

wordpress les per minuut met skype


Stichting Digitaal KunstBeheer

DKB is a non-profit organization initiated by artists. DKB wants to digitally preserve the oeuvres of contemporary Dutch artists for the future and keep them visible for the public. Read more about us on our website:

Growing collection

Many new artists are now visible on the website: 
You can apply for free and will get your own page to edit. 
apply | criteria | newsletter


Coby van Putten
5 -10-1930 | 26 -11-2020
In November this year Marja’s mother due to Corona and old age.


Benthe & Milou came to the studio. Brune visited in Amsterdam.


We did not travel abroad at all this year. We made the best outof trips to Nijmegen, Kattendijke, Goes, Rotterdam 

Vera de Groot

Our friend and collegue Vera de Groot still works with us every wednesday in the studio in Oude Niedorp.

New editions

De Reis made by Bert Dekker.


Hopefully 2021 will become a better year, slowly getting rid of Covid and with better opportunities for all artists. At the moment we don’t have any fixed plans.. but there will be some projects for sure..

Swallows & pigeons


Our studio got ‘windows’. Together with Jan Mors who helped to build the staffold.


ANNO is an annual digital newsletter of 2MW!, the studio of Marja van Putten & Wim Vonk.
It will appear every turn of the year, this year for the tenth time.

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